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Works4Me provides a specific range of Next Generation 'Enterprise Service Management Services' in combination with a 'Next Generation Cloud Tool' and "Good Practices"

"Good Practices are not equal Best Practices" 

With Good Practices, we mean practices that are not based on a theoretical idea,  but instead industry standard practices that are proven, daily applied and used on the floor to make work, work.

As such, Works4Me is more than a traditional ITSM consulting company


When most companies start with the implementation of 'Service Management', they usually see this as another IT project in the portfolio of IT projects.  We see this differently.  For us helping a company to implement Service Management is not only about installing a tool, training people and then hoping for the best.  

Instead we look at it as engaging with your whole company into a journey that includes internal and external stakeholders cross-departments and organisation levels. 


"Bringing an Experience, a service culture and a new way of working"



The tool is key in this as it will mandate bringing a service minded culture into your organisation,  increases productivity, adoption, training and enhances the flow of work cross silos.  

"We think Experience first"   

Therefore we have chosen to work closely with the providers of next generation platforms that are ready for the future,  operational as of Day Zero and fully embraced by your employees. 

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