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Cost Control : Keep control of your licenses, not the supplier !

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

A very important question today is how are organizations handling the license count and cost of their Service Management Platforms ?

Organizations using traditional ITSM Tools pay upfront licenses for the total duration of the contract, even when the users are not able to use the tooling because of technical issues, being quarantined or being in partial shutdown.

This is a large cost that most IT departments in the world would love to keep out of their fast shrinking budget.

On the other hand, what do organizations do when they urgently need to scale-up or spin up ServiceDesks to deal with their remote workforce ? Buy and/or beg their suppliers to provide licenses for a short period ?

The alternative is working with modern ESM tools that allow out of the box scale- up and down licenses when you need them most + get invoiced for the licenses that are really used (consumption based).

Scaling up or down is done automatically by assigning or removing roles to users on the fly. No painful and time consuming negotiations are required and your finance department knows exactly what cost to expect the next billing period.

If it Works4Me then it Works4You !

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