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Surveys : How do I get Started?

How do you keep track of the User Experience of all your employees working from home?

As we all experience, working from home can be stressful especially for people that have never done this before.

As an IT organization how do you know and how do you measure if the tools and services that you put at the disposal of all your employees are performing as planned ?

Modern Service Management tools offer the possibility to ask feedback from the users when closing an Incident or Service Request.

What if you now extend this capability with a quick link to a dedicated Request Form that acts as a Survey and then next to that you build a great Dashboard that shows you in real-time the feedback from these Surveys.

Or simply, why does your Marketing & Communications department not send out a communication asking your employees to fill in a Survey asking about the Users Experience.

Simply paste the same link in the communication email and you're done.

If it Works4Me then it Works4You

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