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User Experience : Using NFC Tags to register a request

Have you ever thought about improving the user experience of creating a request (ticket) for your end-users using their smartphone without having to manually launch the support app?

One way to do this is by using QR codes that you can easily stick to any device in the office (you can even brand them or add a catching phrase such as 'Scan Me to log an issue'.

From within 4me, you can easily create a QR code that links to a generic 'Request Template' to log an issue but you can also create smart request templates that only require the selection of the correct asset (CI). Another step further is to generate asset specific QR codes that automatically links the scanned QR code to the correct asset listed in your CMDB or asset list.

All this is not new and some organisation are already using these features but today

I started playing with the NFC features build into my smartphone and made me realise that tapping your phone onto an NFC tag is a lot easier and faster. The result is identical, by tapping the NFC tag, your smartphone will automatically go to the correct Request Template and submit the request on behalf of you, selecting the correct Service Instance and CI if needed.

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