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Analytics : Getting insight in your workforce

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Enabling a Digital Analytics tool on your self-service portal allows you to analyze in-depth detail about the visitors.

It provides valuable insights that can help you understand the behavior of your workforce (remote or in the office). Especially during this pandemic but also during normal operations you will get a lot of useful information about visitors, how they behave, when they are most active, what type of devices they use and from where they actually work.

This information allows your organization to adapt and become more pro-active. For example you can easily adapt the opening hours of your ServiceDesk to the hours people become active in the morning and logoff in the evening.

Security and customer experience people will love these insights to detect that a lot of people are using strange screen resolutions or non-compliant or outdated web browsers, immediately impacting the user experience and security posture of your self-service portal.

For those caring about Privacy, no PII is being logged, only session data. These analytics tools do now a lot more about your workforce than you internal IT department will.

Setting up takes less than 10 minutes.

When it Works4me then it works4you

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